Flood: The Overdose Epidemic in Canada – Documentary

There’s no sugarcoating it – Canadian lives are being taken at an alarming rate by apparent overdose-related deaths.

Lives are being senselessly taken at the hands of increasingly-frightening overdoses. Between January 2016 and December 2018, there have been more than 12,800 apparent opioid-related deaths. That means that every two hours, another Canadian life is taken because of opioids. Flood: The Overdose Epidemic in Canada is a documentary that aims to reduce the stigma around substance use disorder (SUD) and inspire others to take action.

"From major cities to small towns this issue has taken lives, ruined families and flooded our communities."

Our team

Adam D'Addario


Adam D’Addario is a filmmaker and our director. Adam began filmmaking at a young age, and taught himself how to produce and edit videos. Adam is passionate about not only his films, but about giving others a voice. He started Flood by setting out to direct and produce an independent documentary from the perspectives of those affected by the Overdose Epidemic.

Kirsten Rowe

Assistant Director

Kirsten Rowe is a filmmaker and our assistant director. Her passion began in elementary school when she began making stop-motion films about important Canadian issues. After having the ability to attend a Governor General’s dinner to address the issues shown in her films, she realized the impact that could be made through this medium.

Stefano D'Addario

Production Manager

Stefano D'Addario is the Production Manager for Flood: The Overdose Epidemic in Canada. He is also Adam's older brother. Stefano completed his degree in Marketing at Humber College and is working towards a degree at York University. He became involved in the project after attending a protest in Toronto, Ontario.


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